LYT - Công bố hợp quy
LYT - Công bố hợp quy
LYT - Công bố hợp quy

1. The Government

  • Province Food Safety Management Board 

2. Product Categories

  • Medical foods (can be consumed orally ortube feeding, prescribed to regulate the patient’s diet)
  • Dietary products for children up to 36 months (formula milk, baby weaning food,...)

3. Customer's Documents

  • CFS / Health certificate (the certificate must beconsular legalized).
  • The testing results within 12 months up to the date of document submission (if you don't have it, providing the sample - LYT will help you to test).
  • Scientific evidence of effects (LYT can support).
  • Sample/ Food's Label (LYT gives advice for writting the labelling contents)
  • Certificate of business registration.

4. LYT's process

  • Consulting customers about testing standards, regarding declaration and postmortem review.
  • Giving the sample to recognized laboratories.
  • Preparing the documents, translating the labels, caculating RNI, writting the uses, writing mechanism of action, supporting to find scientific evidence of the effects.
  • Applying the documents to the competent authority via online.
  • Following and updating document's status and receiving Certificate of Registered Product Declaration, Finishing Service.

5. Time

  • Testing time: 7 -10 days when the sample was sent.
  • Having the declaration: 10 - 15 days when the document was applied.

6. Fees and charges

  • Charges: 1.500.000 VND/ a product.
  • Testing fee: depending on the product's ingredients.
  • Service fee: please contact us.

7. Effect Publishers

  • Indefinite

8. Legal basis

  • Law no. 55/2010/QH12
  • Circular no. 279/2016/TT-BTC
  • Decree no. 15/2018/NĐ-CP
  • Decree no. 43/2017/NĐ-CP
  • Circular no. 43/2014/TT-BYT