LYT - Công bố hợp quy
LYT - Công bố hợp quy

LYT - Công bố hợp quy

1. The agency issuing the certification

  • Industrial and commercial facilities

2. Object

  • Business units, wholesale wine

3. Profile  which customers need to provide

  • Documents proving the ownership of the warehouse (or the warehouse lease contract) where the retailer sells liquor and sells alcohol on the spot (if having business) as prescribed.
  • Contract, confirmation letter / commitment + Retailer's license
  • Contract + License of wine manufacturer / distributor / wholesaler
  • Principal contract, letter of endorsement or commitment of retail traders to participate in the wholesale system
  • Wine retail licenses of traders expected to join the wholesale system of businesses applying for licenses
  • Announcement form
  • Business license

4. LYT work done

  • Content advice related to licensing
  • Draft records as prescribed
  • Submit application at Ministry of Industry and Trade
  • Subscribe to update the status of records & get licenses, end the service

5. Execution time

  • Time: 30 days from the date of submission

6. Fees and charges

  • Fee: 1,200,000 VND / Document
  • Service fee: contact

7. Legal grounds

  • Circular 168/2016/ TT-BTC