LYT - Công bố hợp quy
LYT - Công bố hợp quy
LYT - Công bố hợp quy

What procedure to do to import tires of cars and free sale on the market legally.   What is the process, steps and costs? LYT shall advise you and provide legal information related to the application for quality certification for imported car tires as follows:


Step 1: Sign up for the test

An enterprise sends a test registration dossier to the Vietnam Register, including:

- Business license 

- Registration form

- Technical specifications

- Registration form of quality inspection of imported goods

- Technical drawing board

- Import declaration

- Test sample (2 tires) 


Step 2: The Vietnam Register to receive samples and test them in accordance with QCVN 34: 2017 / BGTVT


Step 3: After the testing period, the Vietnam Register shall issue a Test Report




Step 4: The result pass, the Vietnam Register shall issue quality certification for the applier



After obtaining quality certification, enterprises shall carry out the procedures for Product announcement  the tire according to the regulations


Legal basis:

- Circular 41/2018 / TT-BGTVT

- Decree 74/2018 / ND-CP

- Decree 154/2018 / ND-CP


If you have any questions or need to know more about the procedure, please contact us for advice

Hot line: 0916540904 / 0938106456